Practice Philosophy

Holistic Energy Therapies and Restorative Coaching

Energy and consciousness are the source of everything - our lives flow from this source. I explore your case using the lens of the energy system of your chakras and aura similar to the approach an acupuncturist takes with the meridian system. Through my assessment, your energy body gives me clues about why you are struggling, unwell or stuck.

Your assessment dictates the tools I offer, share and apply. I may use magnets and clear your energy, and recommend health-generating practices such as detox blah blah, and energy clearing self-care skills.

This is what I anchor into when we work together on your process:

  • You are not broken. You are much more than “the case my doctors can’t figure out”.
  • Your story and your experience may have brought you to where you are, but they don’t define you. We work holistically to honor and evolve your story and experience as you heal.
  • You are your own healer. I am not here to fix you. I am here as a partner, resource, and guide. My job is to hold space for your process and your capacity to heal.
  • The human body always seeks balance. This means that your body is capable of healing as you see it as an ally and not the enemy.
  • We need not go down the rabbit hole of endless research, hit-or-miss therapies, random supplementation and allopathic medicines. Rather, we use intelligence if your body through muscle testing and my clairvoyant perceptions to determine your needs and next steps. When asked questions through deep respect for your body’s knowing, it tells me what it needs and I respond to that.
  • I invite you to focus on the macro - your healing and evolution - instead of the micro - your symptoms. Clients who micromanage every step, track every symptom or emotion, lose sight of the task. Your intention and focus must be on your healing, not what you are leaving behind.
  • Detours and roadblocks happen. Yet you will heal as we uncover and you meet the places within yourself where you're stuck.

As my clients partner with me on their healing journey, we hold these truths together. I look forward to working with you!

Dialoguing with a client’s body to discern underlying pathogens or what the body is ready to release is both an art and a science.