Balance. Vitality. Evolution. Holistic Energy Therapies and Restorative Coaching

 to help you evolve your inner and outer wellbeing.

You are ready

To improve your health. To release emotional blockages and triggers. To join those who see their issues are solvable. You know healing is possible - you just need the right partner. You’re ready to address:

Or maybe a combination of these issues.

I'd like to help.

We’ll work together to address your whole self MIND-BODY-SPIRIT


Open your MIND

Release challenging and outdated emotions, beliefs, and behaviors.

Restorative Coaching

Balance your BODY

Clear infections, toxins, inflammation, pain syndromes, and restore homeostasis.

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Embrace your SPIRIT

Explore and evolve your themes and patterns so you can live authentically and vibrantly.

Starleaf Wellness Treatment Area

How do we do this?

Through my comprehensive intake process, listening to your body's innate wisdom, and my expertise treating hundreds of clients holistically, we collaborate on a unique strategy to restore health, wellness and balance.

I meet my clients at the junction of mind-body-spirit using:

  • Biomagnetism
  • Chakra and aura energy clearing protocols
  • Restorative coaching

Your energy is the blueprint that shows us root cause; the tools evolve your energy so you can shift, heal, and grow.


I have tried several methods to control my Lyme Disease: antibiotics, herbal, Vitamin C infusions, high frequency neon gas, polarity, T.B.M, colonics, diet changes, had all my mercury fillings removed in my teeth, EAV, flower essences, & feet ionizer detox. BioMagnetic Therapy with Ellen gave me back my LIFE !!!

Please get this help from Ellen, and enjoy your life again.

- Resi, NH

Ellen is a very knowledgeable, kind and effective practitioner and energy worker. She really listens to and supports her clients during the process.

I felt an amazing difference in my health within 5 months and would highly recommend Ellen and Lyme Magnetic Protocol to anyone suffering from Lyme and co-infections.

It works.

- Alison, Topsfield, MA