How We Work Together

Holistic Energy Therapies and Restorative Coaching

When someone plateaus in their personal evolution process, it’s because some piece of the whole has been left unattended. Each of the modalities I employ as your holistic practitioner integrates your whole self, evolving your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Biomagnetism, or Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, is a holistic, non-invasive form of energy medicine. Using your body’s wisdom and kinesiologic muscle testing to determine my treatment approach, I place pairs of magnets (one positive, one negative) on specific anatomical points to help clear pathogenic microbes and toxicities from the body. Layer by layer, the magnets support the releasing and rebalancing of the body’s systems and processes.

Treatment Protocols for Chronic Illness

I see a lot of clients who have chronic health issues; Lyme disease and other infections, autoimmune conditions, and pain syndromes. Through years of clinical experience and deep studies of holistic methods of healing, I have observed that there are core self-supportive strategies, applicable to all, upon which other modalities (such as Biomagnetism) can build and work to greater effect. I call this ‘Magnets and More’.

Working together at a pace appropriate to your case, we hold a mindset of letting go while you focus your attention and intention on healing. Your individualized treatment strategy, in addition to Biomagnetism, includes recommendations for:

Together these practices provide the bedrock for clearing infections and toxicities, and releasing stuck emotional pain, all of which inhibits recovery. By embracing this holistic approach, we are able to see tremendous results.

Chakra and Aura Energy Clearing Protocols

I offer energy healing sessions to those seeking to evolve habituated patterns and behaviors, difficult emotions. It’s also incorporated into my treatments with clients with chronic illness. For those clients who are interested, I partner with them to teach them energy healing skills to support them in their recovery from illness.

Working in multiple planes of conscious awareness, I facilitate the evolution of your energy through a variety of proven techniques and energy hygiene protocols. This work is grounded in an understanding of the multiple energy bodies that make up your whole being: the chakras, as well as the auras of the astral (emotional) and etheric (physical) body. Often, physical ailments may have a root cause within the emotional or energetic body.

These protocols will:

  • clear emotional energy that is stagnant and blocking flow
  • release attachment to the energy of old patterns, beliefs, and stories from other times and places
  • infuse your astral and etheric bodies with clean, clear frequencies that support balance and alignment

Restorative Coaching

Your symptom palette may stem from pathogens, various toxicities, excessive inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. In fact, symptoms from inflammation, toxicity, and nutritional deficiencies often mirror those of an infection – fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, brain fog, and digestive issues.

Restorative coaching includes cleansing and replenishment strategies including:

  • Balancing – hydration, alkalinity, reducing stress, regulating sleep
  • Clearing and calming – toxin load, gut health, inflammation levels

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Healing and resolution come from assessing and addressing your whole being, from root to leaf.