Serving the greater Boston, MA area

The modalities I choose to employ in my practice integrate and address the whole self - your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It’s impossible to separate them from one another because they are in constant communion and communication with one another, and make up the you that is you. As a holistic practitioner, I have anchored deeply into supporting healing at all of these levels, because when someone gets stuck or plateaus in their healing process, it’s because some piece of the whole is unattended.

Chakra and Aura Energy Clearing Protocols

This subtle yet comprehensive healing modality works in multiple planes of conscious awareness. I facilitate the evolution of your energy through a variety of skills and energy hygiene protocols, grounded in an understanding of the multiple energy bodies that make up your whole being. I work in both the chakras and auras of the astral (emotional) and etheric (physical) bodies to:

  • clear emotional energy that is stagnant and blocking flow
  • release attachment to the energy of old patterns, beliefs and stories from other times and places
  • infuse with clean, clear frequencies that support balance and alignment

Whatever your circumstances, story and challenge, we work together with what the energy body shows it’s ready to release. You’ll learn skills to help you understand and clear your energy field between sessions - it makes for faster evolution and a real sense of ownership in the healing process. Becoming proficient in working with your energy body is a powerful and profound investment in yourself and your ability to grow and heal. Having a deeper relationship with yourself will allow for a more authentic life experience.


Biomagnetism, or Biomagnetic Pair therapy, is a holistic, non-invasive form of energy medicine. It uses pairs of magnets, a positive and a negative, placed on specific anatomical points to help clear pathogenic microbes and toxicities from the body.

I work with your body’s wisdom to determine what pairs are needed in a session, using a holistic process called Kinesiology, or muscle testing. Questions are asked to determine which bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and toxins may be present and require treatment.

The results of the Kinesiology assessment define the highest priority for treatment in each session, and which magnet pairs are used to encourage the body to eliminate the pathogens. Layer by layer, the magnets support the releasing and rebalancing of the body’s systems and processes.

Restorative Coaching

When we become ill, the immune and detoxification systems in our bodies work hard to target and eliminate the cause. If our overall level of health and vitality is strong, the illness resolves and the body achieves homeostasis.

An illness becomes chronic when the body is not able to galvanize, clear and restore wellness. Your symptom palette not only stems from pathogens but also various toxicities, excessive inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. In fact, symptoms from inflammation, toxicity and nutritional deficiencies often mirror those of an infection - fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, brain fog, and digestive issues.

Restorative coaching includes cleansing and replenishment strategies such as:

  • attaining proper hydration
  • increasing alkalinity
  • clearing and strengthening the gut
  • eliminating toxins
  • regulating sleep
  • improving and clearing energy
  • reducing stress
  • calming inflammation

Healing and resolution comes from assessing and addressing your whole being.