Ellen Donaldson

Holistic Energy Therapies and Restorative Coaching

I’m glad you’re here!

Deep down, you know you’re far more than your diagnosis. Your symptoms don’t define who you are. Perhaps you’ve tried an allopathic or therapeutic approach and it’s given you some relief but not ultimately addressed root cause and achieved resolution. You want:

  • Someone to partner with to address your problem
  • To be seen as a whole person
  • More than just a pill or quick fix
  • To get to the bottom of things and fully heal

My ideal client partnerships are with someone like you who is ready to dig in and find solutions. Together we’ll identify and move you through issues, approaching things with common sense and practicality. Our work together moves you beyond where you are as you ground more deeply into your authentic self.

Partnering with my clients and witnessing their evolution through energy healing is deeply fulfilling.

My Personal Journey

I was drawn to energy work because I intuitively knew there was “something more” to this life, more than just my physical self. The story of “you’re born, you get the hand you’re dealt, you grow old and ill and then you die” never quite cut it for me.

I have always enjoyed helping people, and they have often responded to my ability to listen well and be present. After contemplating many modalities in the healing arts but never fully resonating with any, I discovered the world of energy healing. I knew I had found the professional modality and framework that was right for me.

Various health issues in my family led me to explore alternative, holistic forms of treatment. I saw the effectiveness and appreciation for the whole self. I realized I wanted to incorporate these interests with energy healing and offer an integrated suite of modalities to those seeking mind-body connection and healing. I opened Starleaf Wellness.

I named my practice after my paternal grandmother, Ruth Stjernlof. The translation of her Swedish surname means "star leaf". I love that those words represent the energy frequencies I work with during every session — the grounded presence of the Earth, and the infinite potentiality of the Cosmos.

Before I opened my holistic healing practice, I worked in business management/administration and customer service for 25 years after graduating from Colby College with a B.A. in Anthropology. When I'm not working with clients or teaching, I enjoy gardening, hiking and spending time with my son.

My Comprehensive Training