Ellen Donaldson

Holistic Energy Therapies and Restorative Coaching

I’m Ellen.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people, and others have often responded to my ability to listen well and be present. 

After studying and contemplating a number of healing modalities, never fully resonating with one, I discovered the world of energy healing. I knew I had found it – the professional framework, and purpose that was right for me.

I was drawn to energy work because I’ve always known intuitively there’s “something more” to this life than our physical being. The old story of birth, death, playing the hand you’ve been dealt, growing old, getting ill, and then dying? Nope, that never quite cut it for me.

Before I opened my holistic healing practice, I worked in business management/administration and customer service for 25 years after graduating from Colby College with a B.A. in Anthropology. But after various health issues in my own family led me to explore alternative, holistic forms of treatment, my authentic purpose was crystal clear.

I saw how effective a healing practice can be when we’re able to see and appreciate the whole self. Offering an integrated suite of modalities to those seeking mind-body connection, as well as healing, was a no brainer.

Starleaf Wellness is named after my paternal grandmother, Ruth Stjernlof; the translation of her Swedish surname means “Star Leaf.” I love that these words represent the energy frequencies I work with each and every session – the grounded presence of the Earth, and the infinite potential of the Cosmos.

In addition to supporting my clients, I also work closely with students at Energy Healing Institute to develop and hone their professional energy healing skills. In 2023, I joined EHI as its part-time Operations Manager to assist with business operations in the US and abroad. 

When I’m not working, I thoroughly enjoy gardening, hiking, and spending time with my son.

Have questions about how we might work together, or what I address in my sessions?

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Partnering with my clients and witnessing their evolution through energy healing is deeply fulfilling.

My Comprehensive Training

I am an industry leader in the treatment of chronic Lyme disease, having trained with renowned practitioners around the world. I utilize biomagnetism along with other healing modalities to alleviate symptoms while addressing the root cause of the disease.

Fully certified Energy Healing Practitioner, and Practitioner-Instructor at the Energy Healing Institute in Chelan, WA.

Year 1 and 2 Mentorship Certification, and Teaching Assistant at Uprooting Lyme in Kingston, NY.

Fully certified in the Lyme Magnetic Protocol at Integrative Wellness in Woodstock, VT.

Level 1 Biomagnetism at Dr. Garcia Biomagnetism in North Brunswick, NJ.