Holistic Energy Therapies and Restorative Coaching

How many sessions will I need?

Many factors determine how long it takes a client to complete the protocol, including the specific pathogens and toxins, your immune system’s vitality and your ability to detox, the length of time you’ve been dealing with symptoms. Everyone is different. Depending on your case, and your body, your treatment could last a few months, to a year or longer. Each treatment is a progression on the continuum to wellness and a return to vitality.​

How frequent are the sessions?

The number and frequency of sessions required varies from person to person. The body and its current healing capacity determine the speed at which the work progresses and the frequency of sessions. We will probably meet more frequently, perhaps weekly, when you begin the protocol and then taper off to less frequent sessions, until your body isn’t asking for magnet pairs anymore.​

How soon will I start to feel better?

I find that the people who can relax into the process and trust the body’s ability to heal move through the protocol the smoothest and in the shortest amount of time. You might feel a difference in a few sessions or it might take multiple treatments before you start to notice a decrease in your symptoms. Resting, eating well and managing stress go a long way in giving your body the best circumstances under which to get well.

How many sessions will I need?

Every person has a unique experience with the work. I cannot predict how many sessions you will need to evolve a pattern. The work is progressive and builds from session to session. Your case unfolds over time and most clients notice shifts beginning to emerge soon. Many clients choose to continue our work together to shift other issues as well. 

Will I herx?

A “Herxheimer”, or die-off reaction can occur while going through the protocol. Fatigue is the most common reaction to magnet sessions. You might feel a little achy. Getting some extra rest right after a session is essential. Following your initial session, I’ll give you some suggestions for self-care in between sessions. Occasionally a distinct exacerbation of symptoms occurs and you might wonder if you’re relapsing. This isn’t the case. It just means we’ve hit a big layer and your body is working a bit harder to clear things out. My suggestion is to always do your best to experience the herx as part of getting well, rather than focusing on it as proof of illness or sickness. Your mental and emotional frame of reference is an important factor in your healing.​

What symptoms do you treat?

Symptoms from Lyme and other chronic illnesses are myriad, often migratory and maddening! Joint pain; muscle weakness; fatigue; brain fog; air hunger; heart palpitations; poor balance; poor sleep; facial paralysis; upset stomach; change in bowel function; stiff neck; headaches; tinnitus; vertigo; among many others. If you don’t see your symptoms on this list, don’t worry as everyone is different. I’ve listed the most common ones here. During the intake process, you will be asked to fill out a symptoms checklist so that I can become familiar with your particulars.

Which pathogens are associated with the symptoms you treat in the protocol?

The magnet protocol addresses symptoms caused by various strains of pathogens such as Borrelia; Babesia; Bartonella; Mycoplasma; co-infections such as Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, West Nile Virus, Epstein-Barr, Powassan Virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Rickettsia, Q Fever, Candida, Klebsiella, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Toxoplasmosis, Herpes, and a variety of mutated forms of the above. This is not an all-inclusive list. There are hundreds of magnet pairs included in this comprehensive protocol for treating a wide range of fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites.

How do the magnets work?

The magnets are a form of energy work that affect the environment in which pathogens thrive. The mechanism and course of action generates pathogen die-off. Magnets also support the body to release environmental toxins and heavy metals, cleanse the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system, balance hormones, and boost immune function. In some cases I recommend the inclusion of an antimicrobial approach, using natural methods such as herbs to support the magnets in eradicating pathogens. ​

Can I take antibiotics as I do the magnetic protocol?

​If you are currently taking antibiotics (oral or intravenous) and want to start the magnet protocol, you are welcome in my practice. I will periodically muscle test the body to see if antibiotics are having a beneficial effect. I will simply reflect back to you the results of any muscle testing and let you make your own decision about whether to continue medications or not.

Can I do other therapies in conjunction with the magnet protocol?

The magnet protocol is an effective partner to other supportive therapies, such as herbs. If other energy treatments such as PEMF, Rife, acupuncture, are being used scheduling at least 3 or 4 days in between those and magnets is recommended to allow the body to fully receive and process each treatment.
During intake I review all therapies being used. If it is a long list, I may suggest that we muscle test your body to see what is most beneficial to you. I encourage my clients to implement a well thought out, strategic approach to their treatment, rather than try it all and hope for the best. Because your body will be working to release pathogens, increase immunity and detox, a “less is more” approach to treatment is often gentler and fosters harmonious healing.

Can I do the magnetic therapy exclusively?

​If you have limited symptoms and your immune system is otherwise strong, magnets alone may eliminate your symptoms. Many people with chronic illness need to assess and address other areas of their overall health such as diet, detox and cleansing, stress level, acute pain, gentle exercise, unprocessed trauma, environmental considerations and quality of sleep to fully recover. Working with a trusted team of practitioners such as a Lyme-literate doctor or NP, Naturopath or Functional Medicine doctor, nutritionist, herbalist, therapist is always encouraged, and I am happy to collaborate with your team on your treatment and healing process.

Can I do the magnets and not receive energy healing?

​People who receive energy healing tend to resolve their symptoms more rapidly, so I incorporate it into every session. Everyone can use energy clearing – everyone, especially those who have chronic illness. The energy body of someone who has chronic illness is often bogged down, blocked, holding somatized emotion, and operating from misalignment rather than alignment and coherence.

After all the magnets are placed in a session, I take the opportunity to do some realigning, clearing and infusing. I may also reflect to you patterns I see in how your energy body is operating. I often make suggestions about how to become familiar with your energy body and practice some simple clearing skills on your own in between sessions. Clients who do this move more quickly through the protocol and gain a deeper relationship with themselves as well.

Will this work for me?

​If you’ve been suffering for a while, you may be frustrated and discouraged by how much you’ve done to get well, and how some of your symptoms and illness resist successful treatment. This treatment is iterative and holistic, it unravels pathogens layer by layer while boosting the body’s immune system and ability to detoxify. Everyone responds to treatments differently, and most clients see very powerful results with the magnet treatments and energy clearing.

I’ve seen the best results with clients who walk a strategic, patient, intentional path that involves a combination of trusting the body’s ability to heal, and giving it every chance to do so by managing nutrition and resting, building the immune and detoxification capacity, and diminishing pathogen overload. With this approach, I’ve seen people suffering with chronic illness get well and return to their lives, not only in my practice, but in my colleagues practices as well.

Will this cure my illness?

I prefer the word “recover” rather than “cure”. We all carry a variety of microbes in our systems and it’s when things get out of balance that symptoms arise and illness occurs. This treatment is a methodical, iterative process of regaining homeostasis rather than taking heroic measures to eradicate the “bad bugs”. I view my clients holistically with the goal of re-establishing the body’s own inherent ability to be in balance. Maintaining that balance will keep you in recovery.

What happens when I’m done? Is there a maintenance phase?

When it appears as though the pathogen load is back under control, I will ask your body when it would be beneficial for us to “check in” again. Periodic check-ins should be all that is necessary. If you feel like you’re having a flare-up or wonder if you’ve been re-infected, please get in touch and we can schedule an appointment for a recheck.