Holistic Energy Therapies and Restorative Coaching

Finding Root Cause

Working in person or remotely, together we uncover the root cause of your symptoms, emotions and story. This may be straightforward or quite complex. We trust that your case will unfold over time. We partner holistically, considering spiritual, mental, emotional and physical factors.

Session Elements

Our initial session includes both a comprehensive intake and a treatment. From the intake process and the wisdom gleaned from my clients energy bodies, I create and follow a customized treatment roadmap. The end destination and objective is a return to health, wellness and balance.

Sessions may include Energy Healing, Biomagnetism, and Coaching on supporting your physical and energy bodies.

Supporting emotional and spiritual evolution with Energy Healing: Release challenging emotions and old wounds, limiting beliefs, and outdated behaviors.

Supporting the body’s return to balance through Biomagnetism and Restorative Coaching: Cleansing and replenishment strategies, clearing infections, inflammation and pain syndromes.

Our initial session is 1.5 hours. Subsequent sessions are an hour.

My clients who are drawn to these energy tools and protocols intuitively know that the body is a marvelous, self-healing mechanism that always seeks to return to balance.

I partner with my clients to successfully address