Ellen Donaldson

A rainbow of colors on a mountain range at sunrise

Understanding our Energy Healing System and Formula For Evolution

Learn more about the system of energy healing used at Starleaf Wellness, the Formula for Evolution, and how to engage in a practice.

a woman standing arms outstretched toward the sunset symbolizing freedom from energy vampires

Energy Vampires: Stop The Madness!

How the new age “Energy Vampire” theory fails us. We are not victims!

Woman contemplating her healing process

More Isn’t Always Better In The Healing Process

You didn’t get here overnight and it’s going to take time to heal. Allow space for rest and recovery.

Droplets of water on a spider web reflecting the complexities involved in healing from chronic illness

Healing from Chronic Illness – A Holistic Approach

Thoughts on Functional Medicine and a holistic approach to healing from chronic illness.

Mop on wooden floor

Mold and the Immune System

Why its important to address this common bio-toxin during recovery from chronic illness