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Written by: Ellen Donaldson

I often get asked how I started working as an Energy Healing Practitioner, if this is something I’ve always known how to do. Far from it! Before I hung out my shingle and opened Starleaf Wellness, I worked in various business management roles – HR, operations & finance, customer service – joining the hordes commuting into Boston every day.

In 2010, I started connecting the dots about things in my life that weren’t working for me – my marriage, my career, some of my family relationships, behaviors and patterns that inhibited my happiness. I began working with Jill Leigh as a client and immediately felt things start to shift.

Fast forward 6 years, I became a certified practitioner at EHI. I also studied and integrated the modality of biomagnetism with the energy clearing protocols I learned and have been in practice for the last 7 years. This inspiring work has changed my life and the lives of my clients!

In addition, I’m a Practitioner Instructor at EHI and enjoy helping new practitioners develop their energy clearing skills for their client-based practices.

Here is an except of a conversation I had with Jill recently about my integrative practice.

What led you to choose energy healing as a modality to offer your clients for their healing and evolution?

“I wanted to work holistically to support people with chronic illness, to help them fully heal. Integrating chakra and aura clearing protocols with biomagnetism is a powerful combination. Moving stuck emotional energy – behaviors, patterns, beliefs, emotions – along with clearing infection or toxicity addresses the whole person and allows for a fuller, long-lasting recovery. My personal experience using the chakra and aura clearing protocols helped me see that the integration of these two modalities is an invaluable offering.”

How do you explain what you offer in your sessions to incoming clients?

“I offer an integrated suite of modalities that address Mind, Body, Spirit and specifically target illnesses that haven’t been helped by traditional allopathic treatments. The clients I attract to my practice understand that true and lasting healing often requires something other than a one-sized-fits-all approach. They understand that while pharmaceuticals have their place, they can fall short and cause side effects. I specialize in chronic Lyme disease, often with co-infections or other medical conditions such as autoimmune disorders.

The magnets are very effective at helping the body clear infections/toxicity, and the chakra/aura clearing protocols release held emotional energy inhibiting healing. Often it’s the energy of a particular emotion like Fear/Rage/Grief/Shame, Unresolved Trauma, Dysfunctional Behavior or Limiting Beliefs that’s the sticking point. Once that emotional energy begins to release, resolution in the body follows. The two modalities integrate beautifully and allow mind-body evolution, regulation and healing.”

What does it feel like to be a practitioner, to do this work for a living?

“It’s a huge privilege to be part of someone’s healing journey! The biggest opportunities for healing often come in the moment of witnessing someone as they open up and connect deeply with themselves. I don’t hold the responsibility of the healing work for them; I walk beside them as a guide and hold compassionate space for my clients to navigate their process and evolution. Reflecting and validating shifts so that clients view themselves differently, watching clients meet themselves on a deeper level is enormously gratifying. I say it frequently, I love my job!”

What would you like someone who is considering energy healing for inner work and evolution to know prior to booking a session?

“This work can be subtle yet it is profound, transformative on many levels, and it’s almost always iterative. It’s a partnership between practitioner and client – we each have a role, tasks to attend to, and a shared responsibility to hold the Healing Intention front and center as a focal point for our work.”

How has being an energy healing practitioner benefitted you as a person?

“My sense of self is intact, my boundaries clearer, and my ability to operate through compassionate neutrality is how I show up wherever I am, whether it’s in my client practice or in my life. My outer and inner selves are much more aligned, congruent. I feel more grounded and able to be present to “what is” in the moment. I understand, from an energetic perspective, how to manifest my life as I want it to be. My important relationships, such as the one I have with my son, have space, freedom, mutual respect and caring, with clarity and boundaries that enable us both to thrive.”

To visit my listing on the EHI Practitioner Directory, click here.

Here’s to your vitality and evolution!


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