Mold and the Immune System

Why its important to address this common bio-toxin during recovery from chronic illness

Written by: Ellen Donaldson

As the season changes to colder weather, we begin spending more time indoors. Windows are closed to keep out drafts, lessening air exchange. This is a time when an increase in mold related symptoms can occur.

The list of mold-related symptoms is extensive and can include:

  • chronic burning in the throat and nasal passages
  • coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath
  • headaches
  • vision changes
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • joint pain and stiffness
  • muscle pain
  • poor concentration

Hormone imbalance and a decreased capacity to handle any kind of stress are other significant effects of mold toxicity.

Mold Sensitivity and Chronic Illness

In some cases, a sensitivity to mold becomes the tipping point into chronic illness. It’s that toxic! Those who already have a chronic illness can be particularly sensitive to biotoxins like mold. A weakened immune system has difficulty detoxifying the body, slowing down the body’s ability to recover and heal.

If mold is present in your environment it needs to be addressed carefully and removed. Places to investigate include the bathroom, the basement, the attic, crawl spaces, air-conditioning systems and ductwork. Hire an experienced, reputable professional for major remediation. Many people don’t think to have the ventilation system in their car checked and cleaned when they bring their car in for service.

It’s equally important to get mold out of your body. While you are detoxing, avoid foods that tend to harbor mold – peanuts, processed meats, grains and dairy. Boost dietary fiber, such as leafy greens to bind with mycotoxins and help eliminate them from the body. Glutathione and chlorella can support detox as well. Activated charcoal and bentonite clay can be used on a short-term basis.

Magnet therapy, in conjunction with the above mentioned approaches, is a non-invasive, effective way to clear the body of mold and de-sensitize the immune system. If you’d like to book a session, please contact me

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