The Dance of the Holidays

Have your holiday interactions got you feeling frazzled? Take a moment and clear cords!

Written by: Ellen Donaldson

Ah, families. They’ve been a hot topic of conversation in my practice lately. Holiday time, while enjoyable in lots of ways, can also be fraught with landmines, pitfalls and challenges. Whether you love to hate them, hate to love them, or you’re one of the lucky ones who thoroughly enjoys the togetherness of the season, the dance of the holidays needn’t drive you to drink!  

Family gatherings may be seriously enervating if you’re in the process of recovering from an illness. The inevitable questions and comments like “You’re still sick??” or someone announcing to the crowd, “She can’t have the stuffing because it’s got gluten. Apparently avoiding gluten will help cure her Lyme disease (cue eye-roll).” 

Even without an illness, many of my clients report feeling like the outsider in their family system, the black sheep, or the one who is labeled “sensitive”. They speak of being offered unsolicited advice, and when they push back hear things like, “Why are you getting so upset?? I was only trying to help you get your life together!”

Interactions like these are exhausting, and they can leave you feeling angry, sad, pulled on, dumped on and repeatedly reliving painful or annoying conversations. Does it send you running to your shower when you get home to wash all the turmoil away? Excellent choice! You’ve got the right idea!

Cleaning up your interactions

Any interaction, no matter how trivial or deep, exchanges more than words. Emotions, perhaps physical contact, and underneath it all – the exchange of energy.  Energy is exchanged at the dinner table, the holiday party, on a Zoom call with friends, and even with the simple interaction with the checkout clerk at the grocery store when she commented on your choice of cranberry sauce! 

Once these interactions are concluded, they’re not over until the energy is consciously released. I’m excited to share Clearing Cords – a simple, effective energy clearing skill to release the energy of your daily interactions. Not only is this skill a game changer for your daily life, it’s a fantastic resource for moving past the holiday banter, blowups and basic interactions that create the feeling of exhaustion and distress when our family life doesn’t match the holiday commercials on TV.

What are cords?

Cords are the energetic byproduct of any interaction. They are attached to your chakras – energy centers that generate and inform experience. They maintain a continuous flow of energy between you and whomever you’ve interacted with, even though the conversation with your beloved aunt, annoying sibling, or dear friend may be long over.  

The cumulative effect of cords building up between people over time can result in depletion and fatigue, feeling overloaded and overstimulated, and perhaps struggling with letting go of a conversation, or an off-hand remark. 

How to Clear Cords – a simple practice

To Clear Cords, visualize the Chakra as a round ball of energy, with energetic Cords attached to its surface – with suction cups.

Imagine a pair of hands that gently covers the surface of the Chakras, releasing the cords and other person’s energy and reclaiming your energy from his or her Chakras.

To practice clearings cords, click the button and listen!

© Energy Healing Institute – Used with permission

Clearing cords allows you greater clarity within yourself by reducing the presence of others’ energy in your energy field, and restores and resets your personal vibration. If there are particular people who you find depleting or challenging, say hello to them when you clear cords. In this case, you’ll say hello to the people who challenge you around the holidays.

As part of a holiday time self-care practice, clear cords with your family, friends, colleagues, partners — even the grocery store clerk!

Authenticity and Clarity

While you actively practice letting things roll off your back, managing your triggers, and making different choices to unhook from unhelpful, unsupportive family dynamics, you can also clear cords to operate in current time and let go of held energies between you and others.

Because our energy is at the root of our experience, it makes sense to include energy clearing practices as part of an overall self-care routine. And if you’re like many of my clients, you’ll find this practice a nice little gift to yourself. After all, it’s the season of giving!

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