The Power of the Breakthrough

Embrace healing, move into deeper connection, cultivate alignment, and find health, resolution and freedom!

Written by: Ellen Donaldson

Insights from Clients

It’s inspiring and rewarding to stand with my clients as they meet themselves and move through and beyond their challenges, be it physical illness, persistent symptoms, repetitive behaviors, beliefs, or emotions. One of their best moments is when they have the breakthrough that occurs when they connect with their body and their emotions. 

Healing and evolution in one area affects the other; and they have the ability to foster their health by releasing emotions and emotional patterns that inhibit their authenticity and wellness.

Let me share some recent examples.

The Mind-Body Breakthrough – Recognition of Stress as a Culprit

Recently, a client made a transformative connection. After a few sessions of biomagnetism to release infections and toxins, we both felt his body was now on top of things. Yet, he still had some unresolved symptoms. He wondered if some emotions he felt overwhelmed by, and therefore avoided, could be the culprit. 

We discussed his chronic anxiety and high levels of stress that he navigates. He disclosed that he had felt this way most of his life. Beyond that, he owned his tendency to be a people pleaser and peacemaker.

Connections: Emotions and the Body

We worked on an energy clearing protocol, and as he applied the skills he realized he was wired into anxiety and stress patterns.

He had an epiphany.

“I’ve spent the last 10 years doing therapy, yet the energy clearing work is the piece that has brought everything together for me. I finally feel like I’m moving through my ‘stuff’ and leaving it behind.”

Until he cleared the energy pattern, old, outdated coping strategies ran the show, and his body registered his discomfort through his symptom palette!  

The Mindset Breakthrough – From Micromanaging to Trust

Another client responded well to biomagnetism to release Lyme and opportunistic infections. Yet, her health hadn’t quite stabilized; she experienced periodic fatigue that triggered her anxiety and fear of relapse.

Connection: Focused, Positive Intent

She understood that she’d placed her focus on what was wrong, not her intention to heal.

“I’ve been working so hard NOT to be sick that I’ve forgotten to choose wellness as my goal!”

Trusting that her body is a self-healing organism allowed her to hold space gently, compassionately for her process without micromanaging.

We shifted into clearing energy around the pattern of anxiety and worry to help ease her perseveration. She is stable and navigates blips with grace, ease and flow.

The Discernment Breakthrough – Increased Conscious Awareness and Evolution

After working with me to address empathic sensitivity, another client reflected her emerging discernment around different energy healing modalities, especially her reliance on Reiki. While self-administered Reiki eased her anxiety and stress in the moment, it didn’t move the needle on resolving her empathic sensitivity. It still drove her experience.

“Reiki is nice but it doesn’t quite cut it. I always feel like it isn’t enough to get me where I want to go.”

Connection: Autonomy and Sovereignty are Absolutes

As she learned and practiced a few simple energy regulation skills, she accessed her ability to:

  • ground her energy in present time awareness 
  • set her chakras appropriately to stop emotional energy flooding from others
  • own her energetic boundaries

These critical steps eliminate empathic sensitivity. She’s all in! Understanding that she’s in the driver’s seat is the ultimate form of empowerment.

Embracing Holism

As clients embrace healing, and move into deeper connection with themselves, they cultivate alignment and find health and resolution. Freedom is possible when energy clearing – through biomagnetism, chakra and aura protocols – is paired with a willingness to invite greater self-awareness.

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